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                County Historian

                Patricia E. Evans, Historian
                Julie Kupris, Historical Research Assistant

                43 Rexford Street
                Norwich, NY  13815

                Phone: (607)337-1845
                Email: countyhistorian@co.chenango.ny.us

                Our office has a wealth of information that may aid in your search for genealogy or local history.  We have numerous sources for research:  family history files and books, cemetery records, computer indexing of various books and the county wills/instates, county & village history books and files, photograph collections, Revolutionary War and Civil War collections, some neighboring countries and New England history books.

                We will search the following indexed records and copy any reference to the name(s) you give in your genealogy request:

                • Family Genealogy Files
                • Family Genealogy Books
                • Chenango County Cemetery Records
                • History of Chenango & Madison County (1784-1880), by James H. Smith
                • Census
                • Vital Records (three volumes), by Mrs. E. P. Smith
                • Breese Funeral Records (1888-1956) (Year of death needed to look up names)
                • Indexed town records/books/Bible records
                • Revolutionary War Info
                • Computer printouts
                • Will printouts

                Fees / Charges

                  8?" x 11" Copies
                  $0.25 each
                  11" x 17" Copies
                  $0.35 each
                  Microfilm Reader Copies
                  $0.40 each
                  Color Copies (any size)
                  $1.00 each
                  Photograph Copies (on photographic quality paper)
                  $6.00 each
                  Surname Printout
                  $3.00 per 25 pages
                  (printouts are typically
                  less than 25 pages)
                  Will Printout
                  $3.00 each
                  Research Fee
                  $15.00 per surname or topic
                  (for those unable to come to office)
                  (will be included in final amount due)

                Please send your requests to:
                Chenango County Historian
                43 Rexford Street
                Norwich, NY 13815

                Other related help may be found at: New York State Department of Health Vital Records or The Guernsey Memorial Library History Room at 3 Court Street, Norwich NY 13815.

                Good Luck in your Search!